FAQs from the Craniosacral Therapy Association's website

What are the benefits of craniosacral therapy.
* Increased sense of relaxation.
* Improvement of the symptoms you came to see the practitioner about.
* Improvement of other symptoms.For example, someone coming for treatment for a bad back can find that, as well as their back pain easing, the migraines they have had for years have got better too.
* Change in behaviour patterns, leading to an improvement in relationships with
friends, family, colleagues, etc.
* Greater capacity to manage life in general.
* Better management of specific disease symptoms.
* Reduced stress.
* Improvement of psychological issues.
* Reduction of effects of past trauma.
* Improved sense of well-being.

What does it actually feel like?

Most people find cranial sessions pleasant and relaxing. People often talk of feeling as if they have "had their batteries charged". Sometimes people feel tingling or numbing sensations or they may experience momentary pain related to past events. When this settles the net result is one of feeling better. People often feel as if things are reorganising inside them or as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

How long will each session take?

Sessions normally last for one hour.

What does a treatment involve?

The client usually lies (or sometimes sits) fully-clothed on a comfortable treatment couch. The therapist makes contact by placing their hands lightly on the client's body and tuning in to what is happening by ‘listening’ with their hands. Contact is made carefully so that the patient feels at ease with what is happening.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required depends entirely on the condition being treated. Acute injury and disease states can benefit enormously from 2 - 6 sessions; with chronic debilitating disease or severe injury, it is usually necessary to work for longer in order to develop well-being and skills of managing symptoms, as well as dealing with symptoms directly.

What is the interval between sessions?

Initially sessions are usually a week to a fortnight apart. With long-term treatment the frequency of sessions usually reduces.