<B>Mother & Baby</B> #01

Mother and Baby:
The moment of conception and subsequent pregnancy is a miraculous event, and every effort should be made for the mother and baby to be settled and happy within their own environment. The hormonal changes that take place within the expectant mother, as well as the tumultuous changes within the physical body, can be managed harmoniously and gently by CST. It can assist the mother throughout the pregnancy and help alleviate stress and tension in both her and the baby. This gentle treatment can ease backache, improve digestive problems and give the expectant mother much needed relaxation.

From the moment of conception, a child’s life is a whirlwind of change and development. These many changes bring about their own challenges, and it can be helpful to have a range of supportive “tools” to address any issues. CST is one of these 'tools' as it can help children adjust to the intense changes that occur during the growing and maturing process. It is particularly valuable for babies, in helping to establish healthy patterns at an early age. Babies suffering from colic, sleeping trouble and digestive problems are often brought by their parents for treatment.

It supports physiological changes during this period of life by assisting the central nervous system to function more smoothly. This in turn can enhance a more balanced development both in the skeletal system and the endocrine system promoting a more efficient hormone secretion. It can also help to recharge the immune system and relieve pressures and stress from home, exams and school.

Parenting a child can be challenging as many new situations are encountered. CST has been a valuable resource for parents and their children over many years.

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